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Hi there,

Welcome to the ONE JN Passport, which gives you easy access to JN Group products and services.

A new level of convenience and access to financial services

About the ONE JN Passport Service

What is the ONE JN Passport?

ONE JN Passport is an onboarding and information service that allows you to provide information to JN and access financial products and service without multiple submission of current documents.

The service is accessible by downloading the mobile app or applying for the card.

How do I access this service?

You can access the service by creating a ONE JN Passport profile using the ONE JN Passport app / website here or by applying for a ONE JN Passport card here.

Who qualifies for a ONE JN Passport?

Anyone can download and use the ONE JN Passport app.

Or, if you already have an account at JN Bank, and you are KYC compliant, you can apply for a ONE JN Passport card by submitting an application here.

How does the ONE JN Passport work?

Simply download the app and complete onboarding or show your ONE JN Passport card.

When you are ready to do business with JN Bank, JN General Insurance, or JN Life, if the information is current, we will fetch what we need from our systems without asking you to provide it again yourself.

The ONE JN Passport also allows you to receive exclusive offers from companies in the JN Group and participate in activities hosted just for you.

Where does the ONE JN Passport work?

Your ONE JN Passport card or app will give you easier access to onboard and open a savings account, apply for an unsecured loan at JN Bank.

You can also use your ONE JN Passport to onboard and access services from JN Life and JN General Insurance without resubmitting your current information and documents.

Look out for updates so that you’ll benefit from new features as they are introduced.

Is there a cost for the ONE JN Passport service?

No. The ONE JN Passport service is offered free of charge.

How do I get started using the ONE JN Passport app?

What is the ONE JN Passport app?

The ONE JN Passport app allows you to easily access support, financial products and services offered by JN, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

How do I access the ONE JN Passport app?

Accessing the ONE JN Passport app is easy! Simply …
1. Download the app from the Google Play Store or App Store or click here to access the website version.
2. Select Join to create your ONE JN Passport Profile

What will I need to create my ONE JN Passport profile?

If you are 18 years or older, with access to your email address, your SMS messages, your TRN number, and a valid government-issued ID are eligible to create their ONE JN Passport profile.

What can I do using the ONE JN Passport app?

The ONE JN Passport app allows you to seamlessly and conveniently…
1. Onboard and provide your KYC information and documents.
2. Open a JN Bank Regular Savings Account Local and Foreign
3. Apply for a JN Bank Unsecured Loan
4. Get help by using the Live Assistance chat feature.
5. Earn JN Rewards

Do I need to have a JN Bank savings account to use the ONE JN Passport App?

No. You do not need an account or a relationship with JN to use the App. You can join the JN family by downloading the app and completing your ONE JN profile.

Is my information safe on the app?

Yes. We do our part by observing the highest safety standards in compliance with global best practices, the requirements of our regulators and data protection principles.

Be sure to do your part by protecting your device, not sharing your username and password, and using the internet safely.

View our Security Promise.

How do I report issues using the app?

The ONE JN Passport Live assistance chat (insert chat icon) is available to assist with any issue or query you may have about the ONE JN Passport. You may also contact our Member Care Centre or email .

Can I delete my ONE JN Passport profile?

Yes, you can. Visit My ONE JN profile within the app and select the option delete profile.

If I delete my profile, will it close the savings account(s) I opened using the app?

No. Deleting your profile will not delete your completed savings account.

Can I use my JN Live username and password to log in?

No, single sign-on feature is currently unavailable. Users will need to Join and create a new username and password to access the ONE JN Passport app.

Can I view my JN Bank savings and loan accounts history or statements within the app?

No. Your JN Bank account’s transaction history is not available within the app. If you wish to see your banking account history and statements online, please visit our JN Live website.

Can I add someone to my account using the ONE JN Passport app?

No. You cannot open a new joint account or add a new joint holder at this time. Continue to visit this website for updates when this feature becomes available.

How do I get a ONE JN Passport Card?

Who qualifies for a ONE JN Passport card?

If you are KYC compliant at JN Bank, or onboarded using the ONE JN Passport app, you can apply for your ONE JN Passport card.

How do I apply for a ONE JN Passport Card?

You can apply for your ONE JN Passport Card online in three simple steps:

  1. Click the ‘Apply for Card.
  2. Complete the form by submitting:
    • Your full name as it appears on your ID.
    • Last three digits of your TRN
    • Email address
    • Telephone number
  1. Then, let us know which JN location you will collect your card.

How long will it take for my ONE JN Passport Card to be delivered after I apply?

After your application is received and approved, your card is delivered to your selected location within 10 business days. We will send you an SMS or email to update you when it available for delivery or pick-up.

I have submitted my application, what next?

After applying for your ONE JN Passport card, you will receive an email or text message that your application is in review. On completion of the review, we will send you an email or text to note the result, delivery date, and location if your application is approved.

What do I need to collect by ONE JN Passport Card?

After receiving notification that the card is available for pick-up, please visit the selected JN Location with your valid government issued ID within twenty business days.

How do I activate my ONE JN Passport card?

Once you have received your ONE JN Passport Card, you should activate by completing the activation form and accepting the Terms & Conditions, so it can be ready for use!

ONE JN Passport Card Features

What kind of card is the ONE JN Passport Card?

This is a physical multi-function card and is the same size as an ATM card. It bears your unique JN Member ID number and full name. It also features the JN Rewards logo, so you can show the card at JN Rewards partners and save! It’s your personalized JN membership card!

What is the JN Member ID number?

Your JN Member ID number is a unique 16-digit number assigned to each ONE JN Passport cardholder. You can cite this number when doing business at JN Bank, JNGI or JN Life It shows that we ‘know’ you and that you have maintained updated information which makes onboarding new financial products and services easier.

Does the ONE JN Passport Card expire?

Your ONE JN Passport Card never expires. However, to continue to use your card to access the ONE JN Passport service, ensure your information and documents are current and updated.

My ONE JN Passport card is lost or compromised, how do I replace it?

Contact our Member Care Centre or visit a JN Bank location to report your card lost or stolen and request a replacement card.

Unsecured Loan Application Process

If I’m not already a JN customer, will I be required to create a profile in the ONE JN Passport app before I can start my loan application?

Yes, you will be required to create a profile before you’ll be able to apply for an unsecured loan. Simply follow the instructions upon starting the app to create your profile quickly and easily.

Will I need to open a JN Bank savings account if I don’t already have one during the application process?

If you don’t have a JN Bank savings account, one will be created for you as part of the process of obtaining a loan via the ONE JN Passport app.

What other credit product will be added to the ONE JN Passport soon?

Very soon, you will be able to apply for a JN Bank Visa credit card in the ONE JN Passport! After that other credit products will be added over time.

If my loan application is successful, will I need to visit a branch to sign the documents to get the loan funds?

No, we’ve designed the loan process so that you never have to visit any JN Bank branch!