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Welcome to the ONE JN Passport, which gives you easy access to JN Group products and services.

A new level of convenience and access to financial services

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Frequently asked questions

What is the ONE JN Passport?

ONE JN Passport is the gateway for our JN Group customers to easily onboard and access products offered by JN companies without multiple submission of documents. It is our ONE way of onboarding, serving, and engaging with our customers.

How does the ONE JN Passport work?

Having a ONE JN Passport means you have established a relationship (onboarded) with a JN company and have granted permission to share customer information with other JN companies. Simply show your ONE JN Passport, and as long as the information is current, we will fetch what we need from our systems without asking you to provide it again yourself.

Where does the ONE JN Passport work?

Your ONE JN Passport card or app, will give you easier access to onboard at JN Bank, JN Life and JN General Insurance. Look out for updates so that you’ll benefit from new features as they are introduced.

Who qualifies for a ONE JN Passport?

Anyone who wishes to do business with JN Bank, JN General Insurance, or JN Life can download and onboard using the app.

If you are KYC compliant JN Bank, you can apply for a ONE JN Passport card by submitting an application. Click here to apply

Can I use my ONE JN Passport App to obtain JN products?

Yes, you can! You can open a JN Bank regular savings account in any currency using the App. Soon, you will be able to apply for unsecured loans, credit cards and other services as well.


The process is smooth and seamless. It literally took me five minutes to open an account.


Simple process. I would recommend because it contributes to ease of service with all documents in one place for future business


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